5 am to 10 am

Mondays to Fridays

The Caribbean morning show

We play you the best in

Caribbean music to get

you out to school, work or to play 

9 pm to midnight


10 am to 2 pm

Monday to Friday

The Mid morning show

We play you a mixer of

International music Soca,

Reggae, Dance Hall,

Disco and Easy Listening

for your listening pleasure.

2 pm to 6 pm

Monday to Friday

The on the road show

while driving keep both

hands on the steering

wheel as we spice up

your afternoon as you

make your way home

6 pm to 9 pm

Monday to Friday

The Evening show

After a storm there is a

clam we play you music 

to help you to  relax at

dinner time

9 pm to midnight 


Reggae Night

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